Want to Be a Forklift Operator? You’ll Need a License!

A forklift operator’s job is highly skilled. In this job, you can expect your skills to be highly respected and always in demand around Australia.  You’ve picked a great job, but you need to understand the processes of training and licensing. Training in forklift operations is very thorough. You’ll have to work hard, and really … Continue reading

Training Staff for Forklift Operation Essentials

If you’ve ever trained anyone to do anything, spare a thought for the experts who train forklift operators. This is a very demanding job, and requires a unique mix of expertise and extreme patience. Training of forklift operators is conducted to strict qualification standards. Forklift operation can be very dangerous, and the range of skills … Continue reading

The Fine Print of Forklift Hire

Important, please note: The following information is intended as a general guide only to possible forklift hire issues. This information is not to be construed as any form of legal advice. Readers are strongly advised to consult with legal practitioners to assess legal issues related to forklift hire. Forklift hire is usually pretty straightforward, in … Continue reading

Latest Forklift Technology

Modern forklifts are evolving fast, with new designs entering the market all the time. The good news for forklift businesses is that the new moves in forklift technology are all about economic operations and performance. To provide you with a greater understanding of the above, let’s take a look at a few examples: Toyota forklifts: … Continue reading

Let’s Take a Look at Some Popular Forklift Models

The latest forklifts coming on the market are a study in competitive design. The top brands are outdoing each other, trying to deliver superior products. If you’re considering forklift acquisitions for your business, it’s a good idea to see why these forklifts are so popular with operators and businesses. Top Brands, Top Forklifts, New and … Continue reading

Common Repair Issues with Your Forklift

Modern forklifts are tough, but they’re also put under constant stress in their work. They need regular maintenance and servicing, and every so often, repairs. It’s a good idea to make sure that your business is set up to get repairs ASAP when you need them. We’re going to explain some of the classic repair … Continue reading

Forklift Operation – Understanding the Nuts and Bolts

A good forklift operator is a major asset for any business. Most people don’t know that forklift operators are the people who manage workflow, solve handling issues, and ensure that things run smoothly on site. Modern forklifts have added another dimension to this basic role – drastically improved efficiencies. The new generation forklifts are very … Continue reading

Pre-Owned Forklifts – What to Look for to Ensure a Great Deal

Anyone who’s ever worked with a forklift will tell you that pre-owned forklifts can be a great deal. The truth is that some older forklifts are excellent value for money and very good on the job. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking at purchasing a pre-owned forklift: Pre-owned forklifts aren’t old: … Continue reading