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New and secondhand forklifts, sweepers and truck mounted forklifts from 1 to 10 tonne LPG and electric.

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Electric and LPG from 1 to 10 tonne available.

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Download New Forklift Brochures
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Financing Options for New and Used Models

Aussie Forklifts offers great deals on used and new forklift sales in Sydney, with flexible financing options on all forklift sales.

Here are some commonly asked questions about our financing options:

I'd like to buy a new model, but am not sure I can afford it. Will you help me come up with a solution?

Yes. Just fill out the enquiry form with your budget and one of our friendly representatives will contact you to you to discuss your options.

What are some of the financing options offered by your forklift company?

Chattel mortgages, commercial hire purchase agreements, and leases to name just a few. Call us on (02) 9679 8992 to find out more.

Do you offer forklift sales for any industry?

If your business has any material handling needs, our models will get the job done. Our smaller models start at 1.5 tonnes. Our medium-sized models can carry up to 2.3 tonnes. Our largest vehicles are 7 tonnes.

I'm interested in a certain brand. Do you offer financing on every brand?

Yes. We offer leasing and financing on all of our forklifts for sale. Nissan, Crown, Mitsubishi, Big Joe, Toyota: these are just a few of the models for which we offer financing and rental options.

Why should I choose your forklift company?

Aussie Forklifts has more than 15 years of industry experience. We offer amazing deals on the best models on the market. No matter what kind of business you run, you can count on us to help you purchase quality forklifts for sale.

Call us on (02) 9679 8992 or fill out our online enquiry form to find out more about our financing options.