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Safety Tips for Operating Our Vehicles

Safety should always be top priority, whether you are operating new or second hand.

We offer both used and new forklift sales , and guarantee that all of our vehicles will easily meet safety standards.

Frequently asked questions about forklift safety are:

Does your company recondition second hand models?

Yes, we sell reconditioned forklifts at competitive prices. We make sure our models are in excellent working condition before reselling them, and can guarantee their safe operation.

What if I'm unsure how much material my vehicle can hold?

Check your forklift’s user manual or load rating plate fitted to the forklift or call us on (02) 9679 8992

After I invest in new or second hand forklifts, what kind of safety precautions should I take?

Always make sure that loads are secure. Only have trained workers to operate the machines and never allow anyone to stand or pass under the raised platform, even if it is not loaded. Tell the operators to always be on the lookout for pedestrians.

Do I still need to take extra precautions when renting?

Yes. It's required by law that operators are properly trained and regularly evaluated. You will only be allowed to rent new or used forklifts in Sydney if your operators have proper licensing.

How can I prevent new or reconditioned forklifts from being unstable?

Always keep in mind that these machines steer from the rear, not from the front. Due to this, they swing widely on turns. Therefore, make sure operators always drive and turn slowly.

To learn more about proper safety procedures, fill out our enquiry form or call us at (02) 9679 8992.