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Manitou Forklifts for Sale in Sydney

Manitou forklifts are a famous brand. They’re almost a household name in Australia. Aussie Forklift Sales has excellent Manitou forklifts for you in Sydney, including all the latest high-performance workhorse Manitou models.

Why Manitou?

Ask any operator about Manitou forklifts, and you’ll get a simple answer to this question – the Manitou really is an excellent forklift. These tough, dependable forklifts are agile and handle very well in any environment.

Manitou has earned its thoroughly deserved reputation through high performance and good business values on the job. They come with all modern fuel options, and include rough terrain models with excellent load capacity.

The Manitou range is used in all types of retail, warehousing, distribution, industrial and commercial environments. They’re very popular for high volume warehousing and distribution due to their solid performance and excellent productivity. The Manitou forklifts are the expert’s choice in these sectors, and that choice is based on superior business value.

How to Choose a Manitou

Aussie Forklift sales has a varied selection of new and used Manitou forklifts for sale. If you’re trying to find a fabulous forklift, you’ll find great deals in our range of new and used Manitous for sale in Sydney. Our used Manitou forklifts are fully serviced and reconditioned to top quality standards, so you can be sure to find some excellent deals.

Explore our Manitou forklifts and ask our experts for any help you need finding the perfect Manitou. We’ll also be happy to assist with any technical information and guidance required in making your choice.

*** Important, please be aware: Availability of our Manitou range varies considerably due to the high popularity of the Manitou brand. If you’re looking for a particular model, just ask our team.

Ask Our Manitou Specialists

Aussie Forklift Sales always has a great range of new and used forklifts for sale in Sydney. Visit our showroom and see our Manitou forklifts firsthand. Speak with our experts by calling Aussie Forklift Sales on (02) 9679 7241 or contact us online, and we’ll find you the perfect Manitou for the needs of your business.