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New and secondhand forklifts, sweepers and truck mounted forklifts from 1 to 10 tonne LPG and electric.

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Electric and LPG from 1 to 10 tonne available.

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We provide finance with all options.

Download New Forklift Brochures
Download New Forklift Brochures
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    All About Aussie Forklifts Sales, Our New and Reconditioned Models, Services, & More Our company has been selling both new and second hand forklifts in Sydney for over 15 years. We have always been a family-run business and we pride ourselves on our high standards and aftermarket services. We are
  • Forklift Servicing

    Repairs and After Market Service Aussie Forklifts has been providing top notch forklift sales and service for 15 years. We pride ourselves on the high standards of our service and maintenance, and guarantee you won't find better forklifts for sale in Sydney. Repair Services Our reliable repair and maintenance services
  • Hire a Forklift

    Hire a forklift Take Advantage of Our Rental Services Many business owners discover that a forklift is a very expensive piece of machinery to own and service. Far too many businesses waste money buying one that sits in the corner and gathers dust most of the time. Even second-hand forklifts
  • Buy a Forklift

    Financing Options for New and Used Models Aussie Forklifts offers great deals on used and new forklift sales in Sydney, with flexible financing options on all forklift sales. Here are some commonly asked questions about our financing options: I'd like to buy a new model, but am not sure I
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sales and Services Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here, you will find the answers to common questions about our forklift sales and services. Q.How long have you been in business? A.We have been providing businesses in Australia with new and reconditioned forklifts for
    • Forklift Safety

      Safety Tips for Operating Our Vehicles Safety should always be top priority, whether you are operating new or second hand. We offer both used and new forklift sales , and guarantee that all of our vehicles will easily meet safety standards. Frequently asked questions about forklift safety are: Does your
    • Purchasing tips

      Purchasing Tips and Advice Aussie Forklifts offers new and used forklifts sales, hire, repair, and maintenance services. Since our inventory is so large, you may be wondering which forklift sales and service options to choose from. Here are some tips for choosing from our used and new forklift sales in
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